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A Provencal location for complete isolation and indulgence

Our dream that became reality

Câlin can be found nestled in an unusually secluded and calm setting in the southeast of France. With undisturbed views on long stretched wine fields, trees and mountains, actual peace and quiet is what first meets the senses at this exclusive Provence property.

Behind Câlin is a Belgian family who has been re-visiting Valréas for more than twenty years. Seeing this particular estate for the first time, we immediately felt its potential as a restful and invigorating location to be appreciated by family, friends and other kindred spirits. A place to isolate oneself and indulge completely in the noiselessness and the natural environment.


If walls could talk

It is said that the original building structure of Câlin, although never finished, was created out of a love story. The tower ‘tour’ was constructed as an atelier for a woman who revelled in portraying the surrounding nature. The adjourning hallway, leading from the tower to the main entrance, served as an exhibition space for her paintings. Occasionally friends were invited over for parties to share their love of art, food and hedonistic life.

In awe of nature

A cycling trip through the hills around Valréas provided us with the discovery Câlin for the first time. Initially, we imagined it as a family house but soon enough we knew that this picturesque scenery had to be shared amongst more people.

The views of beautifully cultivated wine fields alongside lush forests, preserved natural parks and the Mont Ventoux do not fail to impress over and over again.

Simple pleasures

Enjoying a meal together outdoors, listening to a favourite song, appreciating each other’s company… Câlin is conceived on the idea of delighting in simple and basic pleasures in a sophisticated context. Within the framework of contemporary design and interiors, we have created the foundation for a restful and refined experience.