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Enjoy a full service, laid-back holiday where everything is possible

Câlin caters for the eye as well as the rest of the senses; comfort has been considered in every way. To provide an exceptional service, the couple Ilhem and Michael are always nearby, on standby to provide wellbeing and support.

Ilhem & Michael can take care of everything
Fine vine

Fresh Provence produce every morning at breakfast and throughout the day

Breakfast is always included with your stay at Câlin. Enjoy the best France has to offer, from a wide variety of cheeses and charcuterie to fresh bread, crispy croissants and beverages. You won’t mind waking up for this.

Breakfast with a view

To your heart’s desire

The stay at Câlin can be tailored entirely. Don’t hesitate to ask our resident hospitality manager Ilhem for local tips, guided wine tastings, a personal trainer, evening dinners, cycling trails, village visits and more…

Table serving

Choose your own pace

At Câlin you will find a wellness space featuring fitness equipment from the ecological brand Nohrd, a sauna with infrared lighting, and the option to book a massage on request. Even a virtual yoga class is possible.

Hotstone seating in the wellness area
Mindfulness and relax
Relaxing massage

Find your preferred activity in the nearby area, from leisure to adventure

With startling views and a diverse landscape, the region surrounding Valréas offers a multitude of nature experiences like biking on Mont Ventoux, hiking in beautiful orchards or swimming in lakes and rivers.

Art to engage, intrigue and stimulate

Local rumour has it that Câlin used to be a place for art and artists, and so it is today. Adding curiousness and meaning to the walls and spaces, a curated group of artworks has been integrated into the interior, representing both young and established artists, notably Belgian.

Connoisseurs of art, the architects at Contekst have curated most of the works on display. Câlin showcases top-level artistry and craftsmanship as a result of the owners’ clear ambition of intriguing and enriching the guests’ overall experience.

Every object at Câlin has been meticulously selected to reflect our ethos. Discover and enjoy our custom-made home wear.

To offer a complete aesthetic experience at Câlin, Bea Mombaers has overseen the selection of every decorative item and fabric in the property, the furniture, linens, cushions, lamps and tableware. A home wear line including towels and kaftans designed by Mombaers will also be available soon.

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