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Where tradition and heritage are still greatly valued

In the northwestern corner of Provence, the Vaucluse region astonishes with its historic charm and well-preserved natural sites.

Rolling vineyards, olive groves, pine forests, lavender fields and home of the French truffle. Explore this beautiful part of Provence which caters to all the senses.

More than 80% of France’s truffle production comes from the areas around Mont Ventoux in Provence’s Vaucluse.

Sun lovers enjoy wandering through the blossoming lavender fields and vineyards in the scorching Provencal summer heat. Yet, the winter months also provide an outstanding experience, especially if you like the truffle; Vaucluse is home to more than 500 truffle growers. Outdoor activities such as truffle hunting are particularly enjoyable during the fresher months of the year.

‘L’Enclave des Papes’ is a story about healing and love for quality produce

Around 700 years ago, Pope John XXII bought the area of Valréas, allegedly because he enjoyed the local wine so much. Since then, small towns and villages were built, today picturesque reminders of the captivating history of the region.

The city of Avignon, with its ancient monuments and numerous art museums, is only an hour’s drive from Câlin. Whether visiting a city or a village, the senses are brimmed with impressions.

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